I originally formulated Blood Pressure Optimizer™ for my parents because we have a family history of heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. Sam Robbins with Parents
Unexpected photo of my parents & myself.
My dad is 90 and mom is 80 years old.
Fortunately, they take NO medications!

Improving your cholesterol levels and blood flow is very important - however, optimal blood pressure levels may be even more important because of the constant fluctuations throughout the day (hormones, stress, hydration, etc.)

My family and I wanted a proven, easy, convenient, safe and effective long-term solution to control our blood pressure ... without having to take harmful drugs ... or follow a super, restrictive diet ... or difficult exercise program.

History & Results

Below you'll find a summary of "history & results" for Blood Pressure Optimizer™.

Please keep in mind that the formula has continually improved over the past 17+ years due to updated technology, new research, etc.

A commitment to progress, continued safety and better value is the core belief we have at HFL!


Dad gets diagnosed with "hypertension" & is prescribed medicine


Blood pressure has improved, but not enough. Second medicine is prescribed.


Due to negative side-effects, we stopped all hypertension drugs.


I decided to do everything natural and make life-style improvements. I put my dad on a very strict diet & additional exercise plan


After 6 months of better diet and exercise, there was an Improvement blood pressure. Unfortunately, not very much. Conclusion: Too much effort/sacrifice, for very little improvement.


After 2 months of research, I discover the primary cause of high BP are the negative changes in hormones, due to AGING!


After 4 months of testing natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, I discover most do NOT work, except for about a dozen specific ingredients, when used at the correct dose.


I combined these clinically proven ingredients into ONE, convenient pill and called it, Blood Pressure Optimizer™


After 3 years of use (family, friends, clients & medical offices), the feedback and results are great with Blood Pressure Optimizer™


Mom is diagnosed with hypertension. Immediately we start her with Blood Pressure Optimizer (NO drugs)


Present day: My parent's blood pressure is great with Blood Pressure Optimizer, no medications, super strick diets or exercise plans. Blood Pressure Optimizer continues to be one of the best solutions for TOTAL blood pressure & arterial health.